Ger Lawler tells us the history of the James Fintan Lalor Memorial Hall and comments on the Lalor septs of Laois.

James Scully tells us about his work on the Offaly Graveyard Survey in the 1980s and the recognition of the value of Bernie Hunts skill as a monumental mason.

Part 1 of a recording wherein Jim Madden tells us about Bernie Hunt an extraordianry 20th century 'monumental sculptor'.

Margaret Barton explains the practical use of a 3 grave family plot, or a 3 plot family grave. Also explains the tradition where a grave would not be opened for the head of a household on a Monday.

Margaret Barton tells us of previous graveyard surveys and publications which took place in Offaly in the late 1980s. Two benefits of surveying in the 80s is that older community members, many since deceased, were able to pass on biographical information, and a number of the headstones were more legible then than today.

Michael Stephens of Lusmagh tells us the story of the Stephens grave plot in Kilmochonna with links west Offaly with Gone with the Wind.