Monster Graves and the Incultum Project

How has the Incultum ( heritage tourism research project (Horizon 2020) influenced our understanding of the archaeology of 19th & 20th century institutional burial practices in Ireland?
The Incultum project has allowed us to add innovative non-invasive survey to our usual work systems; testing an innovative GIS methodology to identify and analyse famine burial features. As field archaeologists the Historic Graves team identified the need to build a Dark History narrative based on scientific systems into our community surveys.
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Beyond the Grave Conference, Limerick 25-27 April 2014 - Call for Papers

I met digital historian Sharon Slater ( for coffee yesterday and she briefed me on plans for the Beyond the Grave conference to be held in Limerick next year. See you there!


Call for Papers

Beyond the Grave ; The social and physical acts surrounding death and burials in both modern and ancient Ireland.

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