Community generated data archive for 20,000 grave memorials being submitted to Cork County Council

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Community group in a snowy Ballinhassig last year.

At 11.00 am, this coming Wednesday 19th February 2014, we will be archiving the digital records for over 20,000 Cork County grave memorials and 127 historic graveyards with the county council in the.
We would like to invite any community members who took part in the Cork surveys to come along and be represented at the data submission. 

The collaboration of archaeologists and communities, funded by the LEADER Development companies and supported by Cork County Council has been very successful in Cork and with our second data submission to the County Library Service fulfils the data submission part of the project.

We have a lot done and more to do. In coming years we aim to consolidate our work in Ireland but also to work with communities to bridge the gaps with Irish diaspora communities around the world.

So remember, 11.00 am next Wed morning in the county library. 

Email if you can make it.

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