Alexander, Alestir McDonnell

In 1647 Alexander, Alestir McDonnell was killed at the Battle of Knocknanuss. He was also known as Colkito. He was buried temporarily in a garden at Rathmaher. Then he was taken by the O Callaghans to Clonmeen to be buried there. His three regiment,s probably consisting of some mercenaries, were the only ones to stand their ground at Knococknanuss.

He was Scotch Irish origin. His people came from the Scottish Isles later moving to Antrim. He fought with Montrose in Scotland with his own army probably mercenaries.

He escaped from Scotland back to Antrim. Here he recruited troops and soon afterwards obtained a command from the council of Kilkenny, He commanded at Dungans Hill and was govenor of Clonmel for a period where Inchiquin avoided coming in contact with him.

There is a march called after himĀ  known as Alistroms March.


John Sheehan, Clonmeen

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