Record Date: 
6 January 2020
Exact wording of epitaph: 

Pray For those who have Gone
from this parish to serve
King and Country By Land
And Sea and Air.


Lieut. Col. R. Browne-Clayton, Cheshire Regiment Gunner Hodges SA Artillery.

Kieut. Col. J.H. Butler, Egyptian Army Pvte. Harold Hammond, RAMC.

Major C. Cary, South Lancs Regiment. Trooper C. Johnson, Strathernes Horse.

Major A.J.W. Fitzmaurice, Royal Irish Rifles. Rifleman Peter Litster, RIR.

Capt. A.N. Thomas, Lancashire Fusiliers. Rifleman John Litster, RIR.

Capt. E.M. Thomas, Royal Irish Rifles. Pvte CS. Langram, Canada V'teers.

Capt. H.A. Bruen, 15th Hussars. Trooper Geo. Livingston, SIH.

Lieut. R. Fitzmaurice, Leinster Regiment. Pvte Chas. McGuire, Royal Engineers.

Lieut. C.J.J. Roark, Life Guards. Bandsman WT. Nicholls, RDF.

Lieut. J.T. McConkey, RAMC. Driver Saddler A. ..., ASC.

Midshipman F. Haughton, RNR. Corporal Robert ..., ASC.

Sergt. Major Thos. Buchanan, KRR. Lc Corpl Ernest Parbery, KRR.

Sergt. Major Wm. Buchanan, KRR. Trumpet Major Simpson, KRR.

Sergt. Archibald Buchanan, KRR. Lc. Corpl. F Simpson, KRR.

Lance Corpl. Geo. Buchanan, KRR. Bugler E. Simpson, KRR.

Rifleman Alfred Buchanan, KRR. Pvte Thomas Sheil, RAMC.

Rifleman Leslie Buchanan, KRR. Pvte. Jas Sparks, A&S Highlanders.

Trumpeter Sidney Buchanan, SIH. Pvte A Slocock, PP. Can. Lt Infantry.

Private Charles Calln, ASC, Rifleman John War, RIR.

Corporal Henry Crampton, ASC, Sergt. James Wright RI. Regmt.

Rifleman Henry Green, PO Rifles. Lc Corpl. W Wright. RI. Regmt.

Gunner Henry Harvey, RGA. Sergt Robert Walsh, Irish Guards.

Lc Sergt. A. Hodges, Leinster Regt. Pvte. Walter Matson, RGA.

Gunner FE. Hodges, SA Artillery. Pvte. Fredk Wright, RFA.

Pvte Mark Pigott. RFA.

Pvte Chas Hodges, RFA.

Pvte. Francis Thornton, RAF.

Pvte John Callan, RAF.

Lieut Desmond Maffet, Ind Army.

Cadet C.E. Roark, OTC.

Lieut Fredk Johnson, Black Watch.

Pvte John Hodges, 5th Lancers.

Pvte Humphrey Alcock, RFA.

Sergt. Francis Rea, Leinster Regt.

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Lieutenant Colonel