Historic Graves at ignite Dublin #8

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Earlier this month I had the privilege of being invited to talk at Ignite Dublin. It was the eighth ignite Dublin event and was held in the Science Gallery in Trinity College Dublin. The event is organised by Conor Houghton and is a brilliant evening of stimulating entertainment and education. Eighteen speakers were given 5 minutes to excite the room about a topic close to their heart. The ignite format allows the speakers to use 20 slides which auto advance every 15 seconds. The speakers ranged from Phillip Nolan the president of NUI Maynooth who gave an erudite distillation of what he feels a university should be to Shirley Temple Bar who reflected on the life lessons gained from studying the Disney princesses. 

All the speakers I talked to after the event remarked on the time and effort required to prepare such a short talk. The format forces you to distil your message until nothing remains but the essence of what you want to say. At the interval tributes were paid by ignite Dublin regulars to Conor for organising the events  - as he departs for pastures fresh in the new year. It was a wonderful evening rounded of by a stirring Japanese drumming exhibition which seemed to unleash all the energy in the room. 
Below are the 20 slides and the notes form the historic graves project talk.
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