Historic Graves and the IRD Duhallow

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Historic Graves and IRD Duhallow


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Shane Lehane reflects on the exhibition and story telling night held in the James O'Keeffe institute in Newmarket Co. Cork at the conclusion of 5 month long collaboration between the Historic Graves Project and the local Rural development Company IRD Duhallow. A series of lectures on the care and conservation of graveyards was followed by field surveys in up to 20 local historic graveyards. The exhibition includes aerial photographs, rubbings of the iconography from the recorded headstones and stories about the people and the places. The exhibition will run for a number of weeks and the results of the surveys can bee seen online here http://historicgraves.com/project/historic-graveyards-duhallow-co-cork

Apologies for portrait view but there was some broken tech.

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