Bushypark Church and Graveyard
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53° 17' 38.7204" N, 9° 5' 25.1412" W
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Hilly moderate
Stone wall
Iron Gate

The survey of Bushypark graveyard was completed at the request of Christy Kelly and the Bushypark Pastoral Council in December 2012. The project was supported by Jim Higgins the Galway City heritage Officer and was grant funded by the Heritage Office of Galway City Council. The graveyard was surveyed by a FÁS project run by the Galway Family History Society Ltd in 1995. The graveyard was mapped by J. McAteer and M. Devaney. The 2012 survey used the numbering system from the 1995 survey and updated the graveyard plan adding the more recent memorials. A geolocated photograph of each memorial was taken and the primary name and date on the memorial was recorded in the field. (The 1995 survey recorded two memorials inside the church as 192 and 193. The current survey assigned number 192 and 193 to two memorials in the graveyard and continued in sequence up to memorial number 254. In a number of cases where a grave plot was recorded with one number on the 1995 survey the current survey assigned a new number to each extra memorial stone. A number of grave plots recorded on the 1995 survey could not be identified however the survey number was retained and a photo of the location was taken.)
It is hoped that the full inscriptions from the memorial stones will be added next year along with a number of historical stories relating to the graveyard. By registering as an Historic Grave transcriber you can help to update the Bushypark grave memorial records and add further inscription details by examining the survey photographs.

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