Crowdfunding Our Surveys

With over 500 community groups we have surveyed one quarter of all Irish historic graveyards in the last 7 years. 



We started surveying headstones. It is what archaeologists do. But soon realised the project was more important than that.


Stephen Due, Geelong - Australia:

“Congratulations on your brilliant website of Historic Graves! By what seems a miracle the site has enabled me to locate the grave of Jonathan Clerke MD (c1804-1869).”


Brendan O'Reilly, Wales:

“CONGRATULATIONS on an absolutely amazing project. I have been searching family history from Wales and ... I discovered this website and both of us were absolutely amazed. Being able to read the headstones is phenominal. Your work here is hugely important. Huge congratulations. Super.”



Our historic graveyards are a rich heritage resource and they create global links between communities.

We are now crowdfunding for our community-led surveys in Ireland & abroad. If you support the work of the Historic Graves Project we are asking for a donation to a survey. Each training survey costs €1,200-€2,000 so we ask that people contribute anything they can and together we will get more done! Once donations reach €2000 we will start new surveys with our community partners & the survey will be published with all donors acknowledged.

We currently have groups in Ireland and England waiting to start their surveys.


  • Community-led surveys
  • High quality results
  • Online publication
  • Building links between communities
  • Any country