Fine detailing in Killeagh, Co. Cork

Elegant decoration on a stone erected to Mary Coleman 1831.

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Status & History in Fort Hill, Galway

Graveyards are about history and social status.

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Headstone in Bawnaknockane, Co. Cork

IHS symbol on a partially eroded nineteenth century headstone.

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Graveyard survey in Knockavilla, Co. Cork

Community group recording a headstone in Knockavilla graveyard.

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Headstone in Abbeystrowry, Skibbereen

Small limestone headstone erected to Mary Driscoll 1884.

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Recent Graveyards


Town/location: Glendalough
Province (County): Wicklow (IE)
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St Mary's New Ross

Town/location: New Ross
Province (County): Wexford (IE)
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Drumgoon Hill

Province (County): Cavan (IE)
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Province (County): Cavan (IE)
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St. Mogue's Island

Province (County): Cavan (IE)
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Town/location: Killinkere
Province (County): Cavan (IE)
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Town/location: PIlltown
Province (County): Waterford (IE)
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Town/location: Elphin
Province (County): Roscommon (IE)
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