Finding monumental sculptors in Ireland.

The people who put up headstones have many names.

Stonemason, stonecutter, lettercarver, sculptor, and monumental sculptor are a few that come to mind.

Sometimes, about 1% of the time, we find the stonecutters name carved on the bottom of the headstone. It'll say something like Fecit D McCarthy.

Which is latin for D McCarthy made this!

The best book on Irish headstones is Mary Timoney's Had Me Made and she traces the history of monumental sculptors across County Sligo. But that is a rare piece of work. We know very little about these craftsmen in Ireland.

If you think your ancestor may have worked with stone; may have been a stonemason; or a monumental sculptor then once again, the is an excellent tool for searching for them, because you can search the census by occupation.

Here's a quick video on how to search the census by occupation.


Step 0 - goto the website

Step 1 - click on Search

Step 2 - Select your year

Step 3 - click on More Search Options

Step 4 - enter occupation in the Occupation field

Step 5 - set results list view to greater than the default 25 and examine your list.


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