Pioneers in Irish Graveyard Recording - Robert M Chapple

This blog post is one of a series about people who have been working in historic graveyard research in Ireland. Previously we wrote about Dr. Jane Lyons (http://historicgraves.ie/blog/miscellanea/pioneers-irish-graveyard-recording-dr-jane-lyons) who pioneered publishing graveyard data to the internet while this post is about archaeologist Robert M Chapple. Read more »

A Happy Encounter at Inch, Co. Cork

We have over 10,000 grave memorials recorded in the last year and we have to move servers very soon as we are topping 30GB of online data. Our work is fascinating and rewarding every day and today we got an email to say thanks to one of our volunteer partners (take a bow lads http://historicgraves.ie/graveyard/inch/co-inch) and thanks to SECAD for supporting the project. Read more »

Pioneers in Irish Graveyard Recording - Dr. Jane Lyons

Earlier this year we met Dr. Jane Lyons of www.from-ireland.net one of the most valuable sources of Irish genealogical data on the internet. Dr. Lyons has shared some of her memorial transcriptions from Aghaboe in Laois (http://historicgraves.ie/sites/default/files/pdf-uploads/surveys/1693/aghaboejanelyonstranscriptions.pdf) with us and the record augments that made by the local community group in the course of a workshop in 2011.

Dr. Lyons pioneered the publication of Irish grave memorial photographs on the internet and finding her photographs (http://www.flickr.com/photos/59366723@N07/tags/gravestone/) on flickr was very encouraging in 2009. Besides publishing so many rare datasets Dr. Lyons also offers a genealogical research service at http://www.from-ireland.net/genealogy-research-service/#display.

Theoretical Underpinnings to the Protection and Promotion of Historic Graveyards


I get frustrated by talk show radio when people formulate opinions and profess them passionately without seemingly any prior thought or background knowledge. I always react positively to passion but the lack of solid underpinnings bothers me. Luckily in my work life both in archaeology with Eachtra and in historic graveyard conservation and promotion with the Historic Graves project there are solid theoretical foundations for what we do. Read more »

Easter Greetings 2012

Update on the Tuam Famine Burials

The excavation of the probable famine era burials associated with the Tuam workhouse on the Atherny Road in Toberjarlath on the south eastern outskirts of Tuam is still progessing. Close to 45 burials have now been recorded and excavated in our small excavtion area. The area needs to be extended slightly in order to access the area presently under the footpath to the north east. We are hoping that the excavations will be completed next week. Read more »

Ignite Dublin #8 - The Historic Graves Project

The team at Ignite Dublin have begun to upload the videos of the talks from their eighth ignite adventure in December. It was a great night and I was delighted to have been involved and been given the opportunity to extol the virtues of the Historic Graves Project. The brilliantly edited videos of the talks have begun to appear on the science gallery's YouTube channel and I look forward to refreshing my memories of an entertaining and stimulating night. Below is the video of the talk on the Historic Graves Project.




Probable Workhouse Famine Burials in Tuam

Eachtra are currently in the process of excavating a number of human remains in Toberjarlath townland on the eastern edges of Tuam, in Co. Galway. Remains were first discovered in a trench excavated by Coffey Group in order to insert a new watermain as part of the ongoing works associated with the Tuam Town Water Supply Scheme. The trench was located in the middle of the road at the junction between the Athenry Road and the Dublin Road Housing Estate.  Read more »

Historic Graves - The Project 2012

There are over 3600 historic graveyards in Ireland with 1400 years of history carved into stone. In the past year we have helped survey 6734 graves in 79 graveyards and collaborated with 20 community groups, 7 local authorities and 6 Leader companies. 

We are a grassroots project. We leverage technology for community and economic development through hyperlocal heritage engagement. We capture local stories of place in local voices and we embed them in place.

We have built digital toolsets for community development and this booklet outlines our approach for 2012. We seek partners for collaboration and funding. 

A pdf version of this document can be downloaded here (HistoricGraves 2012) and if you wish to get in touch please contact John (john@historicgraves.ie). Read more »

Top 5 Posts from 2011

The Historic Graves project would like to mark the first year of our blog by highlighting the five most accessed posts from 2011. Thanks for reading and we hope you will continue to enjoy the posts during 2012. We have some exciting up-coming projects and are looking forward to letting you know all about them. From all the team here at Historic Graves have a happy and prosperous new year.

A Duel at Dawn and other Stories

East Cork Historic Graveyard Surveys 2011

Low Impact Headstone Rubbings Read more »

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