Shanrahan Parish.......part of (or owned by) St Catherine's parish.....?

A chance discovery while researching the years of Famine in Ireland has thrown up some interesting and important information about Shanrahan Parish.   In short, a court case - Sutton V Lord Cahir - in June 1847 established that Mr Sutton was entitled to the tithes of the parish, his title having come from the times when the Parish of St. Catherine was terminated by an act of Henry VIII in sixteenth century.  It is worth inserting the entire (short) article from the "Freemans Journal" 17 June 1847.
"Law Intelligence --  Court of Chancery.  Sutton V Lord Cahir. The argument of this case was resumed from Monday, when the Attorney General (with whom were Mr. Brewster, Q.C., and Mr. Deane) stated the case for the plaintiff as lay impropriator of the parish of Shanrahan, County Tipperary, for the purpose of making a rent-charge payable out of the estate of Lord Glengall.  The plaintiff deduced title from the desolation [dissolution?] of the parish of St. Catherine by the 31st of Henry VIII., and a patent in that reign , and several subsequent patents from Philip, Elizabeth, James the First, Charles the First, or the Protector to Lord Esmonde, of the tithes of this parish with others. Mr O'Brien, Q,C., for the defendants, relied on a subsequent patent of Charles 11., which granted to Lord Cahir, the lands out of which the tithes were payable, and contended that the patent gave the tithes to Lord Cahir, as well as the lands.      His lordship gave a decree in favour of the plaintiff, of six years rent charge, prior to filing the bill, and also the costs of the case."

Further Reading:  This is worth reading because it mentions the Prior of St Catherine's owning the tithes of Ballingarry.


The most ancient of the religious houses was the priory of St. Catherine [Waterford], founded by the Ostmen for canons of the order of St. Augustine and of the congregation of St. Victor: its endowment and possessions were confirmed by Pope Innocent III., in 1211; from the terms of that confirmation it appears to have been insulated at that time; in the 31st of Elizabeth, its revenues were granted on lease to Elizabeth Butler, otherwise Sherlock.