Sarah Curran's headstone

A headstone exists to Sarah Curran in Kilshannig graveyard even though she is buried in Newmarket and a number of versions as to why abound. The most likely is that the headstone was commissioned near Cork City and was delivered to the wrong address ie Newberry rather than Newmarket. Another version indicates that the bearers were warned about an ambush and decided to drop the headstone in Newberry  but this is very unlikely as the direct route from Cork to Newmarket would be via Roskeen Bridge  and Kanturk and that is at least 6 miles from Newberry. A third version implies that it was to be inscribed in Mallow but was taken without payment and hidden in Kilshannig graveyard and never retrieved.  The headstone  does not have an inscription but is unusual in that both sides have been carved with images and  there seems to have been an attempt to do some inscribing on one side.