Romanesque Scupture Ardmore Cathedral, West Gable

Numbered frieze in West Gable of Ardmore Cathedral

  1. Interpretations based on the excellent Corpus of Romanesque Sculpture of Britain and Ireland entry for Ardmore

  2. 1  Blank

  3. 2  Blank

  4. 3  Building of Solomon’s temple (Harbison) or a thresher (Canon Power)

  5. 4  David’s charge to Solomon to go and be a man. Figure seated or kneeling, with object held over head. A seated figure lays a hand on the head of a figure kneeling who is holding a sword

  1. 5  Two unidentified standing figures wearing pleated robes.

  2. 6  A standing figure wearing ecclesiastical robes. Not identified.

  3. 7  Crucifixion or Christ in Glory. Perhaps angels close to Christ.

  4. 8  A religious figure with crozier and hand raised in blessing. Only inserted here in 20th century.

  5. 9  Building of Solomon’s temple or Resurrection? Figures may be emerging from a tomb.

  6. 10  Last Judgement and the weighing of the souls.

  7. 11  Building of Solomon’s temple

  8. 12  Blank

  9. 13  Blank

  10. 14  Equestrian figure

  11. 15  Adam and Eve

  12. 16  David and Goliath

  13. 17  Adoration of the Magi

  14. 18  Judgement of Solomon

A description of the sculptural frieze on the west gable of Ardmore cathedral. Photograph b John Sunderland.