Abram Ryan - Gone With The Wind

Fr. Abram Ryan - the Great Grandson of David Coughlan of Croughkeal, Clogheen.

David Coughlan of Croughkeal who is commemorated by this stone TS–SNRN–0177 was the great-grandfather of Fr. Abram Ryan - the famous poet-priest of the USA. Fr Ryan took the Confederate side during the American Civil War. He is remembered by his books of poetry and by numerous plaques in Colleges and Churches in America. He is the subject of many scholarly books. He was so popular that he is mentioned in Gone with the Wind. Abram Ryan's parents (who had emigrated to the USA) were Mary Coughlan of Scart East and Matthew Ryan of Kilcaroon, both townlands in Shanrahan Parish. A park in Mobile, Alabama is dedicated to Fr. Abram Ryan where a statue to his memory was erected in 1913.