Record Date: 
25 June 2024
Exact wording of epitaph: 

THIS SI?TONE] ---- J A M E S - . . .- WHO A EARTH

Grave location
People commemorated: 

Fragment of a late 19th century H.S.. The right side has a slight bevel running along part of its length. The top was shouldered. Inc'd. Ins. The fragment is now on top of the Lynch tomb in the South Transept. 424 ANON [Medieval Slab] A large R.S.,now blank apart fromsome unintelligibleInc'd. lines which might possibly have formed part of a pattern originally. The stone is now in three large fragments and a further small fragment has also become detached. The upper surface is flat and very worn, some Inc'd. arcs may have formed part of a (?cruciform) pattern at one end of the stone. The back is roughly worked. One long side is relatively straight while the other has a somewhat curved edge. Possibly a medieval slab of 13th-15th century date. The stone used to be located outside the back door of the Vestry but was moved indoors in 1989 and is now located on top of the Lynch tomb in the South Transept.