Record Date: 
4 July 2023
Exact wording of epitaph: 

Scored TO THE MEMORY OF Wilkins Simcockes ESQ DIED 25 MARCH 1826 AGED 45 YEARS ALSO TO HIS SON Samuel Wilkins Simcockes ESQ DIED 9 JULY 1851 AGED 35 YEARS

Memorial Type: 
Ledger Slab
Grave location
People commemorated: 

A large R.S. with a two-line border around the edge. Inc'd. Ins. with the names in Italics. After the word "ESQ" there is a small recessed rectangle which is now filled with cement, (probably an attempt to correct a flaw in spelling). Lower down another correction has been made to the word "ESQRE". The RE is cut on a small inserted block. For other Simcockes see No. 86. Fleetwood Berry (1912 A), (misspelt SIMCOCKS). The Galway Weekly Advertiser. April 1st. (1826), Obituary. (Wilkins Simcockes). Died in High St. of "a sudden attack of apoplexy". See also Bur. Reed. Vol. 1 (1846) for another Samuel Simcockes, abode "Nun's Island, Protestant Asylum, buried May 16th 1846, aged 76". See also No. 86 for further references.