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16 August 2016
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To the historic memory of the men of the ancien parish of
Whittingham who died in the great war with Germany 1914-1919
They enlisted to vindicate the cause of an outraged humanity
They laid down their lives in a sacred and rightous cause.
They died for England.
This window is dedicated by the vicar and parishioners of Whittingham.

1915 Charles NF Brown aged 20  William Fenwick aged 20
Robert C Roddam, MC aged 25 Alexander Stephen aged 21 John T Tullt aged 32
1916 Thomas E Barclay aged 30 Alfred Chisam aged 17
Peter Davidson aged 23 David A Proudlock aged 23 William Storey aged 36
Andrew Thompson aged 24 George Y Thompson aged 20 Robert Trotter aged 26
1917 Andrew Dodds aged 27 George Foggin aged 32
illiam G Innes aged 25 William Kitchen aged 29 Robert Sisterson aged 32
Douglas B Weatherburn aged 22
1918 Robert H Clark aged 20 William E Cunnington aged 29 George Henderson aged 19
William Hunter aged 22 Ralph Kirkup aged 24  Walter Potts aged 27  Adam Pringle aged 21
George Taylor aged 26  William Thompson aged 32  Wun R Wilson aged 25
1919  Thomas Straftan aged 21  Dudley Francis Buckle aged 42
Prodeo Tege Grege

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