St Fintan's, Cromoge


Coordinates: 52.959000, -7.414000

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The graveyard is in rural area, on elevated ground, surrounded by pasture land. Marked on 1841 OS map as 'St Fintan's Church (in ruins)'. Graveyard has sub-rectangular shape; roadside boundary stone wall, 31m north to sout, 44m east to west and c. 1m high, intact; hedgerow boundary elsewhere; Access via gate through southwest wall and stile through southeast wall from roadside. Short section of path inside gate; concrete steps leading up slope. Ground surface undulating and rises to centre of graveyard. Ground maintained, grass regularly mown. A holy well dedicated to St. Fintan is situated to the southwest.

The graveyard contains the ruins of a medieval church. Ruins consist of a divided nave and chancel with a late medieval bell tower at the west gable. The church measures 14m by 8m. Church site dedicated to St Fintan who resided here before moving to Clonenagh and traditionally a pattern was held at the nearby well on Feburary 17th. The church is parially overgrown with ivy.

The graveyard contains 18th to 20th century headstones, including crosses, celtic crosses and recumbent slabs; most in good condition, very few appear to be leaning. The earliest inscribed memorial dates to 1737 while the most recent dates to 2006, but an unmarked recent grave indicates that the graveyard is still in use. Headstones are located on the south, west and east sides of the church, with some within the church ruins and are facing both east and west.