St Brigid's, Ballintubbert


Coordinates: 52.985000, -7.087000

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The graveyard is in rural area, adjacent to the small village of Ballintubbert.
Graveyard contains a Church of Ireland church dedicated to St Brigid (built c. 1800, extended, c. 1870), marked on 1841 OS map as 'Church'. This graveyard is reported to be the site of an earlier church, no visible surface traces survive. An overgrown structure exists, roughly 8m by 10m, possibly ruins of a mausoleum. A holy well known as St Brigid's Well lies in the southeast quadrant of the graveyard.
Graveyard contains headstones dating from 18th to 20th century in varying conditions; roughly half are very worn, illegible or leaning. Slab and table tombs account for 10-20% of markers. Probable sealed crypt located northeast of church. Plaque dated 1985 in memory of poet laureate, Cecil Day Lewis, born in Ballintubbert in 1904.
Graveyard has rectangular shape; boundary stone wall c. 1m intact but overgrown, some buttressing on east side. Gravel path leads from main gate and stile to and around church building. Located beside roadside. Ground surface is level mainly with occasional bumps. The paths and grass are partially maintained.