Bordwell Big


Coordinates: 52.878000, -7.525000

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Bordwell Big


The graveyard is in rural area, surrounded by low lying pasture land.
Graveyard contains ruins of medieval church, marked on 1841 OS map as 'Bordwell Church (in ruins)'. Ruins consists of upstanding walls with two arched doorways; measures c. 20m by 8m; levelled mound of collapsed rubble at east end of ruined church; walls partially overgrown. Probably located on site of an earlier ecclesiastical foundation.
Graveyard contains 18th to 21st century headstones; round headed, celtic cross style, some altar and table tombs. Headstones mostly upright, in good condition, some leaning. Within church ruin is an 18th century altar tomb.
Graveyard has rectangular shape; stone wall boundary intact c. 1m high with gate and stile. No paths; access through field from field gate at crossroads. Ground mainly level; ground surface is higher by up to 1m within than without. Grass recently mown and grounds maintained.