Survey and model of Tullore, Laois

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Key elements of todays survey, Tullore, Laois


Tullore Ballyroan , Laois
52° 56' 54.2364" N, 7° 18' 16.8048" W
Laois IE

Paddy Carroll and Ann Scully have been working on a survey of the historic graveyard in Tullore, Laois for the last 4 years or so. Paddy and some neighbours did the survey and Ann typed it up. Paddy made a model of the graveyard which is surprisingly useful in helping visitors to the site. We met Paddy and Ann last year when setting up the Laois Partnership funded training programme and we finally got to Tullore graveyard this morning.


With Paddy's detailed knowledge of the site we were able to get the photo survey done in an hour and a half. Noteworthy elements of this rgaveyard are a relatively high number of priests' burials, all with west facing grave memorials. There is a very fine pair of early headstones to the west of the entrance gate, one with the tympanum (headstone top section) filled with a winged head and it's neighbour being wider than is the norm. There is also an interesting group of early ledger slabs for the Doran family.


In coming weeks we will upload the survey photos and transfer Ann Scullys digital record. We intend to transfer the dataset into a pdf/booklet to be shared with Paddy's elderly neighbours. We will also make a video of the graveyard model and upload it in May.

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