The start of a survey at Barony graveyard, Lisdowney, North Kilkenny

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52° 47' 14.8236" N, 7° 21' 49.2192" W

Just in from a great day spent with the Lisdowney historic graveyard group. We ran a training workshop in Barony graveyard for the Kilkenny Leader Partnership and in collaboration with Kilkenny County Council Heritage officer (see their innovative historic graveyard mapping system here). One of our key tools for the first day of a survey is Geosetter, which we use to check the accuracy of the gps camera. Here we can see that 32 of the 34 photographs taken are plotting within the graveyard but you can't see two errant readings which are over a field away. Test plotting in the field allows such errant readings to be corrected, on the fly.

Thanks to the our host John Kennedy and to Breda and Isabel for the scones and cake! We will be back in Lisdowney later next week to continue the survey and we look forward to some audio and video recording along with memorial recording and geotagged photography.

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