The Jewish Cemetery in Funchal, Madeira

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Jewish Cemetery Funchal
Rua da Lazareto

The Jewish Cemetery can be found at the western end of the Rua da Lazareto in Funchal. Founded in 1851 it is walled and gated but unfortunately the gate is locked and the interior is overgrown (you have to climb onto the enclosure wall to get a look inside). The International Jewish Cemetery Project has no further detail but a strimmer and a couple of willing hands could have this graveyard cleaned-up and surveyed in a short week. The cemetery is very easy to find - go to the Fort of Sao Tiago at the eastern end of the main promenade in Funchal harbour, continue eastwards along the Rua da Lazareto and it sits at a junction on the right-hand side of the road with an easily identified gate.

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