East Cork Historic Graveyard Surveys in 2011

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On a recent field survey in the midlands one of the trainees remarked 'There are more people in graveyards now than are attending mass!'. A slight exaggeration maybe but it does reflect the growing engagement in Ireland with the care and conservation of historic graveyards. One group in Cork city are surveying St. Finbarr's Victorian cemetery and publishing their work to Google Maps (http://g.co/maps/ygzjk) and we are working with a neighbouring group on St. Josephs cemetery (http://historicgraves.ie/graveyard/st-joseph-s-cemetery/co-stjh) on Tory Top Road.

One our most active collaborations is with a small team based around Aghada in east Cork. A core group of three men are publishing every historic graveyard in their district - some graveyards are at an advanced stage of recording while others are just starting.


Titeskin - http://www.historicgraves.ie/graveyard/titeskin/co-ttsk

Aghada Old - http://www.historicgraves.ie/graveyard/aghada-old/co-agdo

Corkbeg - http://www.historicgraves.ie/graveyard/corkbeg/co-cbeg

St. Erasmus - http://www.historicgraves.ie/graveyard/st-erasmus-aghada/co-ster

Fort Carlisle - http://www.historicgraves.ie/graveyard/fort-carlisle-whitegate/co-foca

Garranekinnefeake - http://www.historicgraves.ie/graveyard/garranekinnefeake/co-gkin

Inch - http://www.historicgraves.ie/graveyard/inch/co-inch

Aghada Presbyterian - http://www.historicgraves.ie/graveyard/aghada-presbyterian/co-agpr

By recording these graveyards Micheál Kenefick, Jimmy O'Leary and Eddie Tucker are building a resource which reaches around the world - building a worldwide community. The training provided to this group has been funded by SECAD a community partnership company that invests in, and supports, a range of projects and initiatives in East Cork.

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