The Bells in Moynetemple, Co. Tipperary

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I jumped out of my skin when the bells in Moynetemple struck up yesterday. The day was dull and damp and even cold - we were doing some training in Moynetemple graveyard and also hoping to track down grave memorials of family members of John Maher (my fathers grandfather) who died in the muddy farmland of the Somme and Ancre valleys in July 1916.

The graveyard in Moynetemple is unusual in that the north and south portions are approximately equal in size and appear to contain an equal number of grave memorials; the north side of a graveyard is often smaller than the south and invariably has far fewer memorials. The ruined medieval church has the remains of a broad belfry at the eastern end. Of note are three tall limestone headstones grouped together and each containing the same carving of the passion symbols. They have all been touched up with black paint which jars a bit. We will publish a good photograph of this group in the near future.


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