A 13th century face from Ennisnag in Kilkenny

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52° 32' 41.9676" N, 7° 13' 38.2332" W

In the porch of St Peters Church in Ennisnag (http://www.historicgraves.ie/graveyard/st-peters/kk-spen) is a 13th century graveslab which is inscribed Johannes Filius Galfridi (John Fitz Geoffry). The slab was situated in the eastern portion of the graveyard and was relocated to the porch some time after 1952.
The lovely little booklet 'St. Peters Church, Ennisnag', produced by the local community, tells us that Johannes may be the son of Geoffrey who founded the Priory of Kells in 1193. Note the hairstyle and look out for a photograph which we will publish next week which shows the skill of the stonecarve.

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