Hyperlocal journalism and historic graveyards in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare

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Kilcullen Kilcullen
53° 7' 49.5084" N, 6° 44' 44.2752" W

As a hyperlocal heritage project we find it easy to spot top quality hyperlocal journalism  - our friends in Kilcullen gave us a write-up in their blog, as well as in the Kildare Nationalist. Des Travers led the way in historic graveyard recording in Kilcullen and it has been a pleasure to work with Des on their project. We have some high precision GPS tracks from Des' work and we will combine them with the historic memorial photographs previously recorded.

The Kilcullen community are an excellent example of the crucial role heritage plays in rural development; if a community values its past it will inevitably value its present members too - resulting in higher quality engagement with the challenges and opportunities of today.



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