A Happy Encounter at Inch, Co. Cork

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View of Inch graveyard, East Cork

We have over 10,000 grave memorials recorded in the last year and we have to move servers very soon as we are topping 30GB of online data. Our work is fascinating and rewarding every day and today we got an email to say thanks to one of our volunteer partners (take a bow ladsĀ http://historicgraves.ie/graveyard/inch/co-inch) and thanks to SECAD for supporting the project.

'I just wanted to say thank you to those of your group who catalogued the graveyards in Inch, Co.Cork. Without their work I would never have found the last resting place of the uncle that I was named after. Having found the grave, I subsequently visited it and was astonished to meet a man tending his own family grave (the Deanes) who knew all of my father's family (brothers, parents) and informed me that his father owned the original house where my father was born. Thank you so much for making this happen !!'

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