Vectorising simple graveyard sketch plans

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Vectorised drawing of Rathcooney, Co. Cork


Rathcooney Cork
51° 55' 49.9836" N, 8° 25' 23.0592" W
Cork IE

We train communities to do simple sketch plans of historic graveyards ( The gravediggers 3 ft or 1 m pace is key to drawing a simple but accurate sketch plan. With our friends in Glanmire, Co. Cork we have been surveying Rathcooney graveyard. We did the standard pencil on A4 sheet drawing of the older section of the graveyard and uploaded it to the website and now Robin Turk has vectorised the drawing for the group. We did it as an experiment to see how long it would take. It took a few hours to do but I think it is very atractive and clear. Because it is vectorised the drawing can be reproduced at various scales and would suit everything from a brochure to a map board.

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