Festivities At Norelands the home of the Meredyth family

Extract form Kilkenny Journal March 20th 1867

Festivities at Norelands

Last week one of those social and gratifying entertainments so well calculated to link the hearts of Labourers to their employers was given by Henry W. Meredyth, Esq., and his excellent and amiable Lady, to their dependents and neighbours, in honour of Master Meredyth’s birth-day.  The large barn was fitted up very tastefully for the occasion, and when the bell sounded the note of preparation, about 40 Labourers , with their wives, dressed in descent attire and with cheerful faces and grateful hearts sat down to a substantial dinner, which did much credit to the household cook Mrs Maxwell.  Sir Henry Meredyth was present, and, aided by Mr Meredyth and his Lady made the company happier by their assiduous attention to their wants.  Nothing also could exceed the kindness of the steward and the house-keeper, Miss Wood in supplying good cheer to those of the tenants and neighbours who arrived at a later hour, both in Norelands House and the farm house; nearly 90 altogether having had tea and supper kindly provided for them.  The best taps meanwhile circulated, and the health of Master Meredyth, of Sir Henry, and of the young gentleman’s kind  father and mother was often proposed and enthusiastically responded to.  To add to the gratification of all assembled at about eight o’ clock.  Mr.  and Mrs. Meredyth, with Sir Henry, came to view the dancing, and condescendingly joined themselves therein.  Patrick Brennans song was given before them with true Irish humour, causing abundant mirth.  This was followed by others and the domestics having now arrived, and the company having enjoyed themselves to a late hour, separated with cheers for Norelands and the same for its owners.