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Lough Atalia Road
53° 16' 17.3136" N, 9° 2' 48.8328" W

The graveyard at Forthill occupies the site of the late medieval Augustinian foundation which was demolished in the 17th century.  A star-shaped fort was built on the site and elements of its shape are still traceable in boundary walls and ditched areas at the site.  The entrance gateway, which dates to the mid nineteenth century faces onto Lough Atalia Road. There is a mortuary chapel inside the entrance gate which bears a plaque inscribed in Latin commemorating the dedication of the site to St Augustine in 1500. There are two modern monuments to soldiers and sailors of the Spanish Armada killed there in the 16th century (GA-FTHL-0603 & GA-FTHL-0937).


The graveyard contains a fine range of monuments dating mainly from the 18th to 20th centuries and ranging from plain ledges to plain concrete crosses and from Classical Revival monuments to Celtic Revival crosses.  The oldest recumbent slab in the graveyard commemorates Mary Martin, daughter of Andrew Martin and wife to Ignatius Kirwan, who died in 1736 (GA-FTHL-0579). There are a group of west-facing recumbent slabs close to the northern wall of the graveyard which are marked at the base with a small cross and St. A. including a group of Augustinian priests and nuns (GA-FTHL-0583-0589), Dominick & Julian Lynch dated to 1757 (GA-FTHL-0524), Mary Martin dated to 1736 (GA-FTHl-0579) and George and Margaret Staunton dated 1781 (GA-FTHL-0525). There are a fair number of monuments with vocational symbolism which include a set of blacksmith’s tools (GA-FTHL-0203), a farmer’s plough (GA-FTHL-0623), a mason’s trowl (GA-FTHL-0705) and a weaver’s shears and shuttle (GA-FTHL-0225) and some wonderful examples of 18th and 19th century lettering.  The cemetery has been lovingly maintained by  several generations of the McDonagh family and is the property of the Augustinian order.   

Dr. Jim Higgins, Heritage Officer, Galway City Council.

This project was funded by the Heritage Council and Galway City Council as an action of the Galway City Heritage Plan.

Survey documents


Photo Grave Name Surname
GA-FOHI-0226 GA-FOHI-0226 Mary Garry alias Moran
GA-FOHI-0227 GA-FOHI-0227 Brian Philips
GA-FOHI-0228 GA-FOHI-0228 Nicholas Forde
GA-FOHI-0229 GA-FOHI-0229 Mark Lydon
GA-FOHI-0230 GA-FOHI-0230 Kathleen Hickey nee O'Reilly
GA-FOHI-0231 GA-FOHI-0231
GA-FOHI-0232 GA-FOHI-0232 Geofry Murphy
GA-FOHI-0233 GA-FOHI-0233 Thomas Carty
GA-FOHI-0234 GA-FOHI-0234 Connolly
GA-FOHI-0235 GA-FOHI-0235 Hugh Shiel
GA-FOHI-0236 GA-FOHI-0236 Terance McKeon
GA-FOHI-0237 GA-FOHI-0237 Thomas O'Maley
GA-FOHI-0238 GA-FOHI-0238 Thomas Roark
GA-FOHI-0239 GA-FOHI-0239 James O'Brien
GA-FOHI-0240 GA-FOHI-0240 Michael McNamara
GA-FOHI-0241 GA-FOHI-0241
GA-FOHI-0242 GA-FOHI-0242
GA-FOHI-0243 GA-FOHI-0243 Patrick Murray
GA-FOHI-0244 GA-FOHI-0244
GA-FOHI-0245 GA-FOHI-0245
GA-FOHI-0246 GA-FOHI-0246 John Kerrigan
GA-FOHI-0247 GA-FOHI-0247 James Smith
GA-FOHI-0248 GA-FOHI-0248 Catherine Commins
GA-FOHI-0249 GA-FOHI-0249 Maria Flynn
GA-FOHI-0250 GA-FOHI-0250 Michael O'Flaherty