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As we work with community groups around the country one of our main aims to track the different stonecutters who have worked in Ireland. We record the carved grave memorials by geotagged photo and database record sheets always taking care to record the stonemason/cutter if they have signed their work.

We can now search the Historic Graves database for stonecutter/stonemason in the Family Search view Read more »

A celebration in Duhallow

There was great turnout in the fabulously appointed James O’Keefe Institute in Newmarket, Co. Cork for an evening of storytelling and the celebration of a five month long partnership between the IRD Duhallow and the Historic Graves Project. The IRD Duhallow is a rural development company which covers the area of north west Cork and south east Kerry which supports initiatives directed towards the generation of enterprise for the benefit and welfare of communities. Read more »

Historic Graves and the IRD Duhallow

Shane Lehane reflects on the exhibition and story telling night held in the James O'Keeffe institute in Newmarket Co. Cork at the conclusion of 5 month long collaboration between the Historic Graves Project and the local Rural development Company IRD Duhallow. A series of lectures on the care and conservation of graveyards was followed by field surveys in up to 20 local historic graveyards. The exhibition includes aerial photographs, rubbings of the iconography from the recorded headstones and stories about the people and the places. Read more »

5 Most Read Posts From 2012

The Historic Graves Project have had a very busy and exciting 2012 working with rural and urban communities to record their historic graveyards. The database of graveyards, memorials and stories is growing rapidly and new entries are being added everyday. The national map is filling up and you can explore and search the databse freely as communities add their survey records. Read more »

Stonecutters, stone masons and stone carvers - some Irish sources

As we record grave memorials throughout the country we come across the names of the stonecarvers and cutters who made them. Sometimes a signature (in full or initials) is found below the upper carvings and sometimes at the base of the stone. We have come across Bolster, Beary, Keane and Dack, amongst many others, and as the project develops we will pursue other historic sources to research these tradesmen. Read more »

Qr Codes in Historic Graveyards

QR codes are square barcodes which when scanned with a smartphone open a webpage. You need a QR code generator and a QR code reader to make it work. A funeral director in Dorset, England, is now offering to add QR codes to grave memorials for £95 and has garnered a lot of media interest as a result. Read more »

Pioneers in Irish Graveyard Recording - Robert M Chapple

This blog post is one of a series about people who have been working in historic graveyard research in Ireland. Previously we wrote about Dr. Jane Lyons ( who pioneered publishing graveyard data to the internet while this post is about archaeologist Robert M Chapple. Read more »

A Happy Encounter at Inch, Co. Cork

We have over 10,000 grave memorials recorded in the last year and we have to move servers very soon as we are topping 30GB of online data. Our work is fascinating and rewarding every day and today we got an email to say thanks to one of our volunteer partners (take a bow lads and thanks to SECAD for supporting the project. Read more »

Headstones and stories from Abington, Murroe, Limerick - 'If Virtue be a Blessing Great'

Following yesterdays storm we started work in Abington graveyard this morning. We are training members of  the Murroe community ( to survey and record their historic graveyards as part of the Ballyhoura Historic Graves Project ( funded by LEADER. About a month ago we worked together in Clonkeen ( graveyard and now we have reached the flagship graveyard of Abington ( Read more »

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