Audio Recording - Oral Histories and Audioboo

From the outset the Historic Graves project has been about more then simply recording raw data such as location information, photographs and inscriptions from historic graveyards and the memorials contained within. The project has endeavoured to enable and encourage local communities to record the stories and oral histories attached to the graveyards and memorials. Historic Graves believes that this element of interpretation which all story telling involves should be done by the local communities themselves and not by imported experts. The tagline to the Historic Graves website reads ‘Local Stories, Local Voices, Local Places’. Read more »

The ethics of human skeletal remains reburial in the UK - thoughts by Mike Pitts

'On the other hand, they are relics of real people. We should treat them with respect – because we are human, and they are physical links with humans. '

Some interesting thoughts by Mike Pitts on the current debate in the UK about the reburial of human skeletal remains assemblages.

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